Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News from the Dr.

Well I went to the Dr. yesterday for my ankle and got some good news as well as some not so good news.

Well the good news is.... I got 2 more weeks in this cast... (making it a total of 4 weeks)
Although, he will be putting on something removable after the cast is off..... but hopefully whatever goes on next will be a little cooler for me in this horrible heat.... we are in the 110+ degrees....

Now I did ask if this break was near or in the same place as the one I had about 5 years ago.
The Dr. said there was no sign of the last break.
I proceeded to tell him that the last break was a clean break and it went across my ankle from the front of my foot to the back.
He then said this current break is then most likely a reoccurance because it is in the same area and also a clean break. The Dr also stated reoccurance of breaks are easier after the first..... WAAAHHHHH!!!!

Hubby then told me he expects in the future I will be walking with a cane....


AZmomto7 said...

I never heard of such a thing, a reoccurence of a break? (((((((((Dawn))))))))))))) I sure hope you never need a cane, praying this one heals wells and forever.

Anonymous said...

ok Now what about if you sit aside a special amount of time each day to work on some on your Ufo's. I private sit a lot and have been doing the same thing. I only take to work something that I need to finish and will not take it out of the bag until it is done. Please yell if you need any help. You have some lovely things in there. Where did you get your patterns? We have same interest. Joanie