Jesus Wept

I had written to Erik Hollander for permission to create a pattern and stitch one of his beautiful paintings. (minus the words) I HAVE ERIK HOLLANDER'S PERMISSION!!!!

This piece is going to be huge but GORGEOUS!!!
(360 stitches Wide x 244 stitches High in solid stitches)

I am not permitted to share the pattern or sell the piece. (like I am going to want sell my piece! NOT!!!!!)

My hopes is to have this beautiful piece displayed in my home.

Send the pattern along with a picture of my finished piece to Erik Hollander.
Maybe if we are lucky he will want to put the pattern on the market.

****Please email me if you are interested in some day being able to stitch this piece....
I will pass on the messages when I forward the pattern and picture to Erik Hollander.

These pics show my progress.... most recent progress is at the top underneath the original photo.

A disappointing update

For those that have been following me when it comes to my stitching of Jesus Wept....I had to frog a big spot and thought that I had overcame a big problem.... only to find that when I made the pattern I had not realized that a couple of the symbols were too similar to tell the difference. Also two of the symbols were missing. Then found that my saved copy on the computer was gone.

Satan really does not want this piece to be stitched or to inspire others and be stitched by others.

I therefore, got back on the drawing board and remade the pattern and made sure every symbol was accounted for and also that all the symbols were easy to distinguish from each other.

So after doing that I got back into stitching it and decided to this time do it on 32 count Belfast linen.

Here is my progress so far.... I have almost put in 750 stitches in the past 24 hours.... I am determined to get this done and draw hope and faith more and more through this inspirational piece.

I hope you all will stand behind me and cheer me on as it progresses.


SoCal Debbie said...

This is great that you made a page on your blog just for this project, so we can easily see the progress! What a great idea!

Margie said...

Wow Dawn! This piece is really coming along beautifully!!! :)