Saturday, September 14, 2013

Need help....

Trying to figure out the best way to come up with funds.

My daughter's guitar broke and it will cost more than a new one to fix what broke.
She found a new one that she really likes but I do not have the funds and she needs the guitar for school as she is learning to play it.

Anyone want to donate funds to help or even want to purchase something off my page?
I would really appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is that time again everyone.

Time for my birthday wish not for myself but for others.
I did this for my birthday when 9-11 and has become a yearly request.

That always seems so well needed.

This is not meant to offend anyone in any way..

My birthday (for those that do not know I was born on 9-11) request is:
Say hi or I am happy to see you or even say a prayer or send good thoughts
for someone you do not know.

I know that this request I made after 9-11.

It has really blessed a lot of people for those that fulfilled the birthday wish.

I have had so much happen around my birthday that I can't help,

but try to really help out those around me not necessarily financially but
emotionally.  (Terrorist attack 9-11-01 and father passed 9-06-04 and then Katrina hit

So let's just pull together with love, understanding, compassion and faith
that all will work out.

Thanks to those that feel the desire to fulfill my birthday wish!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

more good news and a busy bee

Well I have been working hard at work (now I work for Ricoh-usa ... printer company) been there for a little over 2 months. All training is over and go through each day taking care of placing service calls and taking orders for supplies. Every day is filled with compliments on my work and praise at how much better I am doing than anyone expected from someone who has only been there for so little time.

Well I was told that I was the top performer for our group for part timers so I will be getting a certificate for that. I also was told that I should soon enter the 100% club since most of the calls that they review get a rating of 100% and the others rank high in the 90's. Then I also was told that I will start full time hours 2 days before my birthday! Yahoo! I will be hitting my 90 day mark on the 23rd. So with in a month or two I just might be permanent!

Ok now to the busy bee part of this even though with work and all I am a busy bee. LOL

I crocheted a wash cloth for my younger son and daughter. Both are the same size but one is a varigated brown and the other the brightest orange I could find. LOL

I decided last weekend that I needed to start organizing my craft room.... well I was not satisfied so I started again today. (forgot to do a before pic but here is the during pics lol)
I tore out all my containers out of the closet.

I am more satisfied but still not done.

Arrow #1 is showing where my batting and stuffing is. 
Arrow #2 is showing where my yarn is. 
Arrow #3 is showing my floss, aida, fabbies and kits are.
Arrow #4 is showing were my sewing accessories, material, stitchable items and some adopted wips are.
Arrow #5 is showing where the rest of my material and my son's latch hook kit is.
Arrow #6 is showing where the blankets, knitted baby hats and jewelry are located that are for sale.
Arrow #7 shows two black bags with blankets waiting to be made.
Arrow #8 shows my son's gold box of stitching supplies as well as a white bag of adopted wips.
Arrow #9 shows the wooden templates I use when making pillows.
Arrow #10 shows my ironing board and rolling cart. 

We will just have to see how and if I have the energy to finish the rest later. I need to find and buy some of those plastic magazine holders that you can store your magazines in the binders with. (not page protectors)