Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new finish

This is cross stitch finish #6 for 2011.

This pattern is "This Nest is Blest" by Erica Michaels.
You may get this free pattern here.

I plan on making a matching pair but hey.... gotta celebrate the finish anyway.

This pattern called for a birdhouse button.
Being that I was putting this pattern on a towel and I did not have a button.
I figured out how to put a birdhouse on there.

This pattern also calls for Splendor threads  and I used DMC. (feel free to ask me what colors I used.)

I think it looks great.
What do you think?

Sorry and Graduation Night

I have been wanting to comment on so many of my dear friend's blogs but blogger is having it's issues.

On a different note. My Stepson Jonathon graduated last night and I wanted to share some photo's.

This is Aleishia and Grandma Dude and they are happily waiting for the ceremony to start.

 This is Aleishia and her brother after the ceremony.

 This is Auntie and Jonathon after the ceremony.

 This is Dad and Jonathon after the ceremony.

 This is Grandma and Jonathon after the ceremony. 

 This is Grandma Dude and Jonathon after the ceremony. 

 This is Kendra (pregnant girlfriend) and Jonathon after the ceremony. 

 This is Mom Mom (great grandmother) and Jonathon after the ceremony.  

This is a not so happy mom and Jonathon after the ceremony.
I was very unhappy with this boy. 
He did not invite his littlest sister or little brother to the ceremony.

****EDITED**** Many have asked why he did not invite his littlest sister and brother. He was only allowed to have 10 tickets and he picked who he wanted to go. He had agreed that if 2 of the people he wanted to go could not go that his brother and sister could go. When one of the two people said they could not go he gave that ticket to his girlfriend’s sister instead of his own.

Monday, May 09, 2011

A new update on Jesus Wept....

Well I finally forced myself to do some stitching this last Saturday.
It is what I did for my quiet time for Mother's Day since I had to work on Sunday.

Anyway, here is my updated pic of Jesus Wept.
REMEMBER you can look on the Jesus Wept page to see all progression together.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Yahoo! I am so proud of.....

I am so proud of my sister!
Yesterday, I had the honor of watching my sister graduate from Grand Canyon University.
I sat there during the whole ceremony with tears just streaming down my face.

She came home with 2 Masters of Science.

One was for Addictions Counseling and the other for Professional Counseling.

She can add them to her Bachelor's Degree for Musical Education from Arizona State University.

She is also waiting for the closing on her first home.

I love you Danielle and I am so proud of you!