Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry and Graduation Night

I have been wanting to comment on so many of my dear friend's blogs but blogger is having it's issues.

On a different note. My Stepson Jonathon graduated last night and I wanted to share some photo's.

This is Aleishia and Grandma Dude and they are happily waiting for the ceremony to start.

 This is Aleishia and her brother after the ceremony.

 This is Auntie and Jonathon after the ceremony.

 This is Dad and Jonathon after the ceremony.

 This is Grandma and Jonathon after the ceremony. 

 This is Grandma Dude and Jonathon after the ceremony. 

 This is Kendra (pregnant girlfriend) and Jonathon after the ceremony. 

 This is Mom Mom (great grandmother) and Jonathon after the ceremony.  

This is a not so happy mom and Jonathon after the ceremony.
I was very unhappy with this boy. 
He did not invite his littlest sister or little brother to the ceremony.

****EDITED**** Many have asked why he did not invite his littlest sister and brother. He was only allowed to have 10 tickets and he picked who he wanted to go. He had agreed that if 2 of the people he wanted to go could not go that his brother and sister could go. When one of the two people said they could not go he gave that ticket to his girlfriend’s sister instead of his own.


Cindy's Stitching said...

nice pictures. He has curly hair like my son. At his age he might not thought of even asking them to come to the ceremony.

Meari said...

I'm a bit confused about the not inviting siblings... aren't they a part of the household and automatically included?

Congrats to the grad... the photos turned out nice.

Mary said...

Congrats to Jonathan for graduating high school. Boo to him too for not choosing his own brother or sister to attend his graduation and choosing his girlfriend's sister. It's good he actually graduated though. The graduation rate in the US now is scary.

Sarah said...

Congrats to Jonathan such a great accomplishment. I too have a Jonathan and he is about to graduate for his MA and is studying for his PhD............what intelligent and clever Jonathan's we have. I wish him every success in his future.