Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another great message

I got this message in email yesterday as I was going over a huge bill list... trying to figure out how we are going to keep from drowning to the point we will lose it all... in the back of my mind hoping that God can allow me to be one of the lucky ones that will win the lottery. (at least enough to catch up the house payment and not be in fear of losing our home)

This was very well received though and felt the need to share in hopes it would help others.

Are you a kept woman, and praise God for it????

I Am a 'Kept' Woman?

You see, there were a few times when I thought I would lose my mind,
But GOD kept me sane. (Isa. 26:3)

There were times when I thought I could go no longer,
But the LORD kept me moving. (Gen 28:15)

At times, I've wanted to lash out at those whom I felt had done me wrong,
But the LORD kept my mouth shut. (Psa. 13)

Sometimes, I think the money just isn't enough,
But GOD has helped me to keep the lights on, the water on, the car paid, the house paid, etc.., (Matt. 6:25 -34)

When I thought I would fall, HE kept me up.
When I thought I was weak, HE kept me strong! (I Pet. 5:7, Matt. 11:28-30)

I could go on and on and on, but I'm sure you hear me!
I'm blessed to be 'kept.'

Are you...or do you know a 'kept' woman ?
If so pass it on to her to let them know they are 'too'!

I'm Kept by the Love and Grace of God!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

For Sale List...

I was in tears writting up this list.
No this is not all my stash but it is over half of my charts if not 3/4 of them.
Some of these were just gotten not even two months ago in grab bags.

Email me at if you are interested in anything. Thank you.

Most of these are new and have never been used.
Prices are beside the item but does not include shipping costs.

Alma Lynn – Angel Collector 2.00 SOLD
Alma Lynn – Guardian angels 4.00 SOLD
ASN – Angels 3.00 SOLD
ASN – 50 cross stitch designs 2.00
ASN – Plastic canvas – Teddy bear ornaments 4.00
Back Street Designs – French Country Store 4.00 SOLD
Candamar – Thomas Kinkade – The light of peace 4.00 SOLD
Canterbury Designs – Welcomes and Farewells 4.00
Carolina Cross Stitch – Elegant Bread Covers 2.00
Charter Publishing – Herbs and Flowers 2.00
Christmas doodads by Vicki 2.00 SOLD
Christmas miniatures I 1.00 SOLD
Christmas mini’s #1 1.50 SOLD
Color Charts – Geranium Basket 2.00
Color Charts – United in love 1.00
Color Charts – Primrose Cottage – Palace 3.00 SOLD
Craftways – Bearly yours 3.00 SOLD
Cross my heart – Heaven sent 1.50 SOLD
Cross my heart – Animal magnetism II 3.00 SOLD
Cross my heart – Orcas and Dolphins 5.00
Dale Burdett – Love that country hopscotch 2.00
Dimensions – Warm and witty #1 2.00
Dimensions – holidays all year 2.00 SOLD
Dimensions – Noah’s ark 1.50 SOLD
Dennis Originals - Transportation classics 3 Book 19 3.00
Donna’s country collection 2.50
Donna Gallagher – The Schiffer Collection Father Christmas III 3.00 SOLD
DMC Collection 8 – Angels 2.00 SOLD
Guardian angel 1.00 SOLD
Gloria and Pat – Shirt tales 2.00 SOLD
Gloria and Pat – Penguin Parade 3.00
Gloria and Pat – Ziggy looks like love 2.00
Gloria and Pat – Ziggy Tis the season 2.00
Gloria and Pat – It’s the thought that counts. 3.00
Gloria and Pat – Endangered Younguns 3.00 SOLD
Gloria and Pat – Gardens of the mind 2.00
Graphic Works – Mini motifs – Holiday borders 1.50 SOLD
Graphic Works – Mini motifs – for the kitchen 1.50 SOLD
Graphic Works – Mini motifs – for Christmas #2 1.50 SOLD
Green Apple - Christmas in the round 3.00
Good natured girls – The big book just for babies 5.00 SOLD
Janette crews designs – one nighter – 36 gift tags 2.00 SOLD
Janette crews designs – one nighter – 57 Teddy’s 2.00 SOLD
JCW – Poinsettia 4.00
Jeremiah Junction – Christmas angels 1.50
JBW Designs – Monogram w/ Laurel Wreath 3.00
KrazyStitches – People Pleasers 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Christmas - #36 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Christmas - #48 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Christmas - #53 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Christmas - #61 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Christmas - #86 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Christmas - #87 3.00
Kount on Kappie – Carousel Horses - #91 3.00 SOLD
Lavender Wings – Love those pets #4 Sara 3.00
Lavender Wings – Love those pets #5 Doxi 3.00
Leisure Arts – The official Looney tunes 4.00 SOLD
Leisure Arts –Thomas Kinkade #3 - spring at stone gate 2.00 SOLD
Leisure Arts – Thomas Kinkade #2 - Rose arbor cottage 2.00 SOLD
Leisure Arts – Teresa Wentzler – Romeo and Juliet 6.00
Leisure Arts – Cute and quick baby bibs 3.00 SOLD
Leisure Arts – Teach me to stitch 3.00
Leisure Arts – The Nativity (new w/perforated paper) 4.00 SOLD
Leisure Arts – Bread Cloths for Christmas 1.00
Leisure Arts – Thru the seasons 3.00 SOLD
Leisure Arts – Holiday bread cloths 1.00
Leisure Arts – At home with angels 2.50 SOLD
Leisure Arts – Angels unawares 1.50 SOLD
Leisure Arts – holiday bread cloths 1.00
Leisure Arts – country observations 1.50
Leisure Arts – From the heart 2.00
Leisure Arts – mimi’s country towels 1.50
Leisure Arts – debbie’s country towels 1.00
Leisure Arts – three’s company 1.50
Leisure Arts – country cover-ups (for anne cloth afghan) 2.00
Leisure Arts – jar lid’s for every event 1.00
Leisure Arts – samplers for special occasions 2.00
Leisure Arts – sweet baby memories 3.00
Leisure Arts – music makers mini series #8 1.00
Leisure Arts – country caboodle mini series #1 1.00
Lone Deer – Sonagolese designs – tracks (new) 10.00
Millcraft – Alf 2.00
Moss Creek Designs – Pueblo Basket Art 1 (New w/beads) 6.00
Needleform – Holiday Ornaments 1.00
NVP Designs – Celtic Interlace II 5.00 SOLD
Pegasus – Dogs Collection 3 4.00
Pegasus – Marty Bell’s Tuck box Tea Room 5.00 SOLD
Praiseworthy Stitches – sunflower bee garden Sampler (new w/ charms) 5.00 SOLD
Prairie Schooler – Woodland Samplings 4.00 SOLD
Rainbow gallery – What’s brewing? 3.00
San Man Originals – Finally Fall 3.00 SOLD
Stitchworld – Rocking Teddy 4.00 SOLD
Stitchworld – Cabernet and red grapes 5.00 SOLD
Stitchworld – Snow Leopard 4.00 SOLD
Stitchworld –Farmyard 4.00
Stitchworld – Blue and white ensemble 5.00 SOLD
Stitchworld – Tender embrace 3.00
Stitchworld – Fruit squares 4.00 SOLD
Stoney Creek – Noah… An eternal promise 2.00 SOLD
Stoney Creek – special delivery 4.00 SOLD
Stoney Creek – Angel with lambs 2.00
Stoney Creek –The Saturday Evening Post – No Swimming 5.00
Sugar Plum Express- Happy Easter Bunny 2.00
The Gathering Place – Autumn Shadows 8.00 SOLD
True Colors – In search of angels 3.00 SOLD
Turtle power (teenage mutant ninja turtles) 1.00 SOLD

Cross stitch and country crafts - 1.00 each
• Jan / feb 88
• March / april 88
• May / june 88
• July / aug 88
• Sept / oct 88
• Jan / feb 89
• March / April 89
• Mar / April 90
• May / June 90
• July/aug 90

Cross Quick (Premier issue – like new) 2.00
For the love of cross stitch (Premier issue – like new) 3.00
For the love of cross stitch May 93 3.00

Kits – Brand new
Dimensions Four Jolly Santa Ornament Kit (Needlepoint) 10.00
Summer floral Embroidery table cloth 5.00


Calling all my stitching friends.
Due to extenuating circumstances I am having to reduce my stash load to pay a debt.
I am currently in the process of being sued and need to raise 1400.00.
I know I do not have that much stash but I am trying to raise as much as possible.
I have no one that can help me with this nor do I want to ask for hand outs.
With my house near foreclosure and close to losing my job..... this is the last thing I needed right now.

So stand by as I prepare my list......
Thank you.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Well I decided to take the plunge...

I created a blog of Wishes.... Link is on the left below my photo.

I hope to be able to try some new things as well as stitch some beautiful pieces.

Do not know when I will get them or if I will be able to finish all of them.

Luckily for me one of my children has an interest in stitching so if I do not do them in my lifetime... maybe she will be able to do them in hers.