Saturday, March 31, 2012

I love learning.

I am learning more and more ways to do crafts.
I have been picking up a little crocheting and am having a little fun with it.

I have previously learned the granny square and you can see those in previous posts as well as the other crafts page. (will be soon creating a crocheting one as I learn more and more)

Not sure if anyone else is like me but I cannot read the directions with these patterns.
So I have gone on to and found directions.
I am a watch and do person. LOL

For those that want to join me in learning. I have added a blog list called crocheting help at the right.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another finish for 2012

I decided to grant Kathy A.'s wish and make her a scissor fob.

Unfortunately for me I had forgotten to take a photo of it so I had to wait until she had taken pics of it so that I could post about it.

This one was fun for me as I got to learn a new stitch. The Queenstitch. Always nice when you can learn something new and put a smile on someone elses face.

This is finish #2 for 2012.

Monday, March 05, 2012

New pics of my craft room

Well my craft room is finished.
I am so happy with the room.... not satisfied with where I have everything but I do not think anyone likes the original placement of things when they first get that special room.

First pic is my bed.... never know when I will stitch myself into a big exhaustion to where going into the bed room is just tooooo hard. LOL  Oh and you notice who is sleeping on the pillows.... Mr Kissy frog. (he promises not to make me frog my work if I let him sleep there)

This pic is my closet full of goodie supplies. (he he he he)

 This is my work area desk. I got my RMC on the big stand and my hardanger piece on the desktop stand.

This is the left side of the bed. It displays work that some wonderful friends have done and sent me. (I do love displaying all pretties that my awesome stitching/crafting friends send me.)
Along with my non-cross stitch craft books.

This is the right side of the bed. It shows my work... (the framed piece on top is a piece I picked up at the local thrift store. lol) This book case also shows all my patterns, magazines and pattern books

Well there you have it. My new space to do my crafts.... Oh and hubby has already found a piece he wants me to stitch for his work office. I even modified the pattern to be more personal. LOL