Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mr Bone Jangles is home

I had the pleasure of taking Mr.Bone Jangles to his new home with the chiropractor.

I walked in her office and Nikki said "What is that?"
I turned it around and said "Thank you for taking care of my daughter?"

Her immediate response was...... "SHUT UP! REALLY? NO WAY!"

She was so happy and her face was blood red.
She could not believe that I made Mr Bone Jangles for her. She even said the color of the material is the color of her walls.

I am so happy that you love Mr Bone Jangles! Thank you for all you do.

It is reactions like this that makes stitching gifts for others more than worth it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mr Bone Jangles Framed

Here he is framed and ready to go home!

He is doing a Happy Dance!

Mr Bone Jangles is doing a Happy Dance and singing.....


You heard him right he is my finish number 2 for 2011.
He is off my UFO/WIP list of to do for 2011.

He will be framed today and dance his way to his new home tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Praising God!

I am PRAISING GOD for His wonderful loving arms!

I had a close call tonight..... I was driving home alone and was almost in a head on collision.

This had more of an effect on me than it would have on most people.

The reason I say that is because when I was 7, I was in a head on collision.
There was only 15 inches between the windshield and the front bumper left.
I watched in horror as the two vehicles collided.

So there for when it was time for me to learn to drive as a teen.... I could not.
I dealt with mental issues and flashbacks for years.

It was not until last February that I got my license at the age of 38.

So tonight when this near miss happened with God by my side.
I was calm and seemed to be totally at peace until it was over.
I kept repeating over and over, Thank you God, Thank you God!
I immediately had to pull over and was then hysterical.

After calling my mother to help me calm down I drove slowly home.
Still continuing to say over and over, Thank you God, Thank you God!
When I got home my whole body was shaky and had to get a huge hug from my husband.

I still am not totally calm and it has been over an hour and a half.

Please keep me in your prayers that.... when tomorrow comes I can get back behind the wheel and know it will all be ok.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As Promised

Several have wondered how Mr Bone Jangles is coming along.

Here he is.... just need to do his legs and shoes now.

I cannot wait to see him finished so I can give him to the lucky recipient.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My first finish

My first finish of 2011 is a small that is part of the Oakhaven Designs 2011 SAL.

The colors of the piece did not come out right with every picture I tried to take. The color of the material is 28count Navy blue.

Time to get back to Mr Bone Jangles.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

We will miss you RENE!

Rene, We will miss you and your love of needlework.

May God hold you in His arms until we all get our chance to see you again!

Praying for peace and comfort for your family!

Thank you to Mel for allowing me to use the pic she created from Rene's stitching.

Friday, January 07, 2011

An update and an award

Well I think I have made some good progress getting myself past my disappointment in the frog's visit. I got myself motivated and got back to work on Mr. Bone Jangles.

Here is my progress pic of him.

I need to get moving and start a small for hubby for our anniversary.... I got exactly a month to stitch it and get it done.... it is a Sanman Original piece.

I was also given another award....

I was nominated by Lana for the stylish blogger award! Wow! Thank you so much, Lana!!

So, now I have to pick 5 things that people don't know about me and then nominate 5 more people.

1. My oldest daughter was named after another little girl I knew. (huge, long story)
2. Do not like being told I cannot do something... I will prove you wrong.
3. I take more S..... from others then I should. lol
4. I collect porcelain dolls.
5. I love yellow roses.

And now I have to nominate 5 people...

1. Linda K. (You always encourage me to keep on stitching.)
2. Bette (Your support is never ending)
3. Tammy (Your designs are adorable..... I need to get to work and stitch some... hmmm maybe an idea for my smalls. LOL)
4. CJ (I enjoy looking at your beautiful stitching)
5. Annie (I absolutely am in love with some of the beautiful pieces you come up with..... always looking forward to seeing more and more.)

If I nominated you and you have already done this, don't worry about doing it again! But I do enjoy your blogs, I enjoy MANY blogs, but just wanted to throw a shout out to these ladies!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My pieces for 2011

I would like to show you where my pieces stand at this moment that I will be working on this year to start out with.

I chose to work on 5 UFO's and 2 New starts for my New Year's Goal.
When a UFO is finished it will be replaced with a new UFO.
When a New start is finished it will be replaced with another new start.
Oh so you know.... my new starts will be smalls.

I figure by doing this plan I will be able to finish what has been hanging around unfinished, get the joy of new starts and also the joy of finishes.

Anyway, my UFO's that I will be working on are....

1. Jesus Wept.... ** See pic above to see current pic**
OOPS.... this is a WIP that will be taking one UFO's place....

2. Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell.... will be doing a SAL for this one... hope it helps.

3. Girl with cosmos
4. Mr Bone Jangles by Glendon Place (upset as this is the piece I was stitching in the new year on and found out yesterday that 1/3 of his chest was stitched wrong due to the working copy of this pattern being put together wrong.)

5. French Mime (This one is the piece I taught myself to do Counted Cross Stitch... yeah I know... I did not do the easy thing and start with something small....)

I am still trying to decide what smalls I will work on.
Oh wait.... I decided to make the OakHaven SAL be my smalls since there will be 12 smalls all put together into one piece.
SO until I pick out the other small please cheer me on with these 5 UFO's and the small SAL.

Thank you!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year to all my Friends...

Well yesterday was a pretty good day.

We enjoyed watching my daughter in the parade (boy was it cold.... 37*) and then came home for a relaxing night.

I stitched away and plan on doing some more in a few minutes.

Here are some of the pictures from the parade.