Friday, January 07, 2011

An update and an award

Well I think I have made some good progress getting myself past my disappointment in the frog's visit. I got myself motivated and got back to work on Mr. Bone Jangles.

Here is my progress pic of him.

I need to get moving and start a small for hubby for our anniversary.... I got exactly a month to stitch it and get it done.... it is a Sanman Original piece.

I was also given another award....

I was nominated by Lana for the stylish blogger award! Wow! Thank you so much, Lana!!

So, now I have to pick 5 things that people don't know about me and then nominate 5 more people.

1. My oldest daughter was named after another little girl I knew. (huge, long story)
2. Do not like being told I cannot do something... I will prove you wrong.
3. I take more S..... from others then I should. lol
4. I collect porcelain dolls.
5. I love yellow roses.

And now I have to nominate 5 people...

1. Linda K. (You always encourage me to keep on stitching.)
2. Bette (Your support is never ending)
3. Tammy (Your designs are adorable..... I need to get to work and stitch some... hmmm maybe an idea for my smalls. LOL)
4. CJ (I enjoy looking at your beautiful stitching)
5. Annie (I absolutely am in love with some of the beautiful pieces you come up with..... always looking forward to seeing more and more.)

If I nominated you and you have already done this, don't worry about doing it again! But I do enjoy your blogs, I enjoy MANY blogs, but just wanted to throw a shout out to these ladies!


Annie said...

Thanks so much, Dawn! I'm honored to have you think of me!

chrisstitches said...

So cute. Congrats on award1

chrisstitches said...

For some reason, it won't let me comment in the other section. You are in the Crazy January Challenge & Rocky Mt SAL ..... wow. Love the work so far. Look forward to seeing your other projects.

Mel said...

Bones is coming along nicely! he's so lively. :)

Congrats on the award!!

AFwife99 said...

Mr. Jangles looks pretty good. A nice award for a very nice stitcher. :)

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Good job on Mr. Bo Jangles....I am so glad that you are stitching on this again.

Thanks for the Award Dawn.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :) Cold Snowy Northern Indiana
Linda K, Railroad

Barb said...

Congrats on the award. Mr. Bonejangles is so cute. Great job on him.

♥ Nia said...

Funny stitching! :)

Bette said...

Thank you, Dawn , for the award. You are an inspiration to me. Mr. Bo is looking good!