Friday, January 21, 2011

Praising God!

I am PRAISING GOD for His wonderful loving arms!

I had a close call tonight..... I was driving home alone and was almost in a head on collision.

This had more of an effect on me than it would have on most people.

The reason I say that is because when I was 7, I was in a head on collision.
There was only 15 inches between the windshield and the front bumper left.
I watched in horror as the two vehicles collided.

So there for when it was time for me to learn to drive as a teen.... I could not.
I dealt with mental issues and flashbacks for years.

It was not until last February that I got my license at the age of 38.

So tonight when this near miss happened with God by my side.
I was calm and seemed to be totally at peace until it was over.
I kept repeating over and over, Thank you God, Thank you God!
I immediately had to pull over and was then hysterical.

After calling my mother to help me calm down I drove slowly home.
Still continuing to say over and over, Thank you God, Thank you God!
When I got home my whole body was shaky and had to get a huge hug from my husband.

I still am not totally calm and it has been over an hour and a half.

Please keep me in your prayers that.... when tomorrow comes I can get back behind the wheel and know it will all be ok.


CalamityJr said...

I am so thankful you were spared physical harm. I know the mental part is tough, but keep right on praising God, and He'll help you through this. I'll join your prayers, too!

Tracey said...

His angels kept charge over you! I am so thankful that you are ok! God is so good!

Paula said...

Will be keeping you in my thoughts.

It is so much worse afterward when you have time to think.

So get back behind the wheel, drive in areas that you feel comfortable in . . in the daylight and soon, you will feel better behind the wheel.

gracie said...

You are in my thoughts....
The after thought of an accident can be awful. Many years ago, just 10 days before my wedding, I was used as a stop by a driver while I was sitting at a red light...I did get hurt, and even now, many years later if I look in my rear view mirror and just think the car approaching is going too fast, my heart skips.
Get back in the car and drive...and yes alone to get it all back together....and remember, that angel, she is still riding with you.

Ma Teakettle said...

Praising God with you, dear friend, He is so very faithful. I am so glad that you are safe, but for your tears.

It is so humbling how past experiences can continue to affect us as adults, and all we have been through. When I was 3 our house burned to the ground before my eyes and I still find myself shaking when I hear fire engines at 47.

Holding you in prayer and asking for traveling mercies upon you as you venture out today.


Pointed Stitcher said...

I am so glad you are alright and that you can see God as your protector. I will pray that you can stil drive and be at peace about it and not anxious.

Mary said...

Oh my! I'm glad you are ok. God does work in amazing ways. Your angels were there with you for sure. Hugs!