Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look what my wonderful hubby got me!!!

My wedding anniversary is on the 7th of February.
We will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary.
Look what he bought me for our anniversary..... Isn't it gorgeous!!

It also goes wonderfully with my nickname too. LOL

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new update on Jesus Wept

For those that do not know.... I have created a pattern with the artist's permission.

(If you would like this pattern put on the market for you to stitch..... please send me an email to I will be sending those emails along with the pattern and a picture of the finished piece to the artist. I am hoping that when I get this done he will put it on the market.)

This is what it will look like when done.

This is what it looked like on 10-12-09.

This is what it looks like now.....

What do you think.... only picked it up again last night....
Hoping to keep working on it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This really spoke to me....

I do not know how many this will touch but this poem really spoke to me.
I want to share it with you all.

Beyond My Smile

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart

This event starts today!!!!!

This was great last year..... Come join in the fun!

I will not be offering anything this year! Finances will not allow me to offer anything.
Hoping to do it next year!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Well what do you think?

I decided to fiddle around with some stitches and create my own piece.
I think it is pretty good... I just need to fix a few things if I do it again.

Some uplifting videos

To listen to them you need to click on my playlist to shut it off.
Sorry about the advertisements.... I hope the videos make up for it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat funny and Hardanger disaster!

My hubby was being silly this morning playing with the cat.

He put one of the kids face masks on the cat.

It looks like he could be saying..... "Now no one will recognize me!"

Now on to a very disappointing morning for me.....

My hardanger disaster.... not sure what happened but threads just started to unravel.

I tried fixing it but to me it looks horrible.

I have been asked if I will restart and try again....

Right now the answer is no.... I am totally heartbroken!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A big thank you!

I am sending this big thank you out to a dear friend, Bette.

She sent me this angel (thread separator) as a RAK and I am so thrilled to have gotten her.

Thank you again Bette, I really needed a pick me up!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pansy Sampler Update!

Well I have been working hard on my Pansy Sampler.
I have gotten bands 1 - 10 done.

The last band has all the hardanger stitches on it.... Look out getting closer to a finish!

Friday, January 08, 2010

New look for the New Year

So I thought I would have a new look for the New Year.
What do you think? Now be honest!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Update #2 for the day

Here is your 2nd update today on the Pansy Sampler by Victoria Sampler.

Bands #1-5 are now done.

Now to figure out how to do band #6 but that will happen after some housework gets done. YUCK!!

Update on Hardanger piece

Here is an update picture of my hardanger piece.
I placed a skein of floss under it as some people were thinking this piece is very large.
It is actually alot smaller then I was imagining it to be.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Been busy working on ....

I have been busy working on my Pansy Sampler by Victoria Sampler for the ILCS-Hardanger group. It has definitely been a challenge for me....

Reminder to self... next time you start a hardanger piece that has new stitches....
Do not do it on linen with uneven threads unless you are really in for a challenge. LOL

Well here is bands 1 and 2 finished. What do you think?
I think it really pops off of the silver material.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Well I guess I am making progress

I decided to look through my pile of pieces needing to be finished...
I decided to try my hand at kinda a cube finish with a piece that was cross stitched on a piece of linen. Unfortunately, the fabric was not big enough for finishing into anything.
I think I did make progress on giving it a finish... just not to sure of the finished piece. LOL

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!! My First Finish!

Hello everyone!

Well I started the year off right with my first finish of the year!!! ( I finished a UFO )
This one I believe is from around 1992.
Anyway, I had put it down due to running out of floss.
Being that I was new to counted cross stitch and did not know as much as I do now.
Nor did I have the stash to figure out what color I should use.... it laid waiting to be finished.

So now my horsey lover of a daughter has a beautiful carousel horse....
I just wish I could have gotten all the stains out but I did get most of it out.

One down and 19 more finishes to go to reach my goal. Also, One UFO down and hopefully more to go!

My Goals for the NEW YEAR!!!!

Ok everyone. I went through my stash and created an inventory list of items I have.

I also created a inventory of UFO’s that linger over my head….
Not happy about having so many but hey…
I must be a serial starter as there are just too many wonderful patterns out there.

In 2009, I had I believe 17 finishes – 2 of which were not mine to start with. I also finished at least 5 small UFO’s.

SO….. I am hoping to be able to get more done this new year.
I am making 3 goals for this NEW YEAR(2010).

The first goal, having 20 finishes and hoping that at least 5 -10 will be from this list. (NO I am not expecting to finish the whole list of UFO's.... only 5-10) I listed them all because I am not sure which ones I will be doing.

The second goal, I would like to make enough CHRISTmas ornaments to buy a living tree and hang only stitched ornaments from. (I do not care if it is a small one or a big one… I just would like one special year to have a stitched ornament tree)

The third goal, is to have an online store(web page) selling my blankets, baby hats, beaded jewlery and etc. up and running. I would also love for it to be productive and make money.

This will be an extra special year for me as my hubby and I will be celebrating our 7th year of marriage.
(7 being my lucky number makes it all more special to me.

SO, let’s make our New Years goals and cheer each other on!!!

1. Bucilla – “Mini” Friendly Memories
2. Bucilla - Jesus Christ at 33
3. Bucilla - Young girl on the beach
4. Candamar - Seasons for the heart
5. Candamar - Crow and Sunflowers
6. Candamar - Golden Bee - Oriental peonies
7. Candamar - Golden Bee - Carousel horse - DONE
8. Candamar - Golden Bee - Lady Mime
9. Designs for the needle - Wolf family
10. Dimensions - Noah and the animals
11. Dimensions - Grandchildren rememberance
12. Dimensions - Angelic ornaments
13. Dimensions – Creative Accents - Dolphins family
14. Dimensions - A blessing from above
15. Gloria and Pat - Fur-Ever Friends - God sent special things our way
16. Janlynn - Collecting Shells
17. Janlynn - Wolves
18. Janlynn – Girl with Cosmos
19. Janlynn - Heavenly messenger stocking
20. Janlynn - Pray without ceasing
21. Janlynn - Suzy's zoo ornaments
22. Leisure Arts – So Girly Meet the Girls
23. Lizzie Kate – Snippet 22 – Autumn Sampler (Combined on one piece of material)
24. Lizzie Kate – Snippet 23 – Winter Sampler (Combined on one piece of material)
25. Lizzie Kate – Snippet 24 – Spring Sampler (Combined on one piece of material)
26. Lizzie Kate – Snippet 25 – Summer Sampler (Combined on one piece of material)
27. Mirabila - Millenium Angel
28. My afghan - misc. patterns used
29. My own pattern - Chuck
30. My own pattern - Jesus Wept
31. Pegasus Originals – Marty Bell’s Rocky Mountain Christmas
32. Silverlining – “Freebie” Popcorn - DONE
33. Stitches and Spice – Sister’s Needlebook - DONE
34. Stoney Creek - Bessie Pease Gutmann - Harmony
35. Vera K – The Old Rugged Cross

Non-Cross stitch
36. Candamar - The Messenger of Love (embellishment)
37. Candamar - Thomas Kinkade - Lamplight Brooke (embellishment)
38. Alice Peterson - Hibiscus stitch and zip eye glass case (needlepoint)
39. Dimensions – The Gold Collection - Angel of serenity stocking (needlepoint)
40. Dimensions - Sweet Dreams (punch needle)
41. Bucilla - Once upon a time crib cover (stamped cross)
42. Needles n hoops - marriage Vows Sampler (stamped cross)

Inherited Cross Stitch UFO’s
43. Astor Place - Quilt Santa (inherited)
44. Bucilla - Holiday accent banners (inherited)
45. Cross my heart - roper (inherited)
46. Dimensions - Sunset - Calla Lillies (inherited)
47. Dimensions - Southwest Mesa (inherited)
48. Something Special - Spring flowers(inherited)
49. Eva Rosenstand - Mini bellpull, Riding 2(inherited)
50. Gale's Gallery - Air force emblem (inherited)
51. Graph it Arts - Country Collection #3 the hoosier cabinet (inherited)
52. Sue Hillis Designs – Season’s of the Heart – Wedding/Anniversary Sampler (inherited)

My daughter's pieces
53. Candamar - Christmas Cats (patty's start)
54. The design Connection - Dolphins (Aleishia's kit - she was learning on this one but gave up - no patience)