Friday, May 06, 2005

My own design stitched for a friend. Commissioned piece. Posted by Hello

This is my own design. Posted by Hello

Pillow that is being given to my English teacher who is now Principle at the Junior High School, I went to and my kids now attend. Posted by Hello

Pillow that is for sale. 25.00 Posted by Hello

sweatshirt with a race car stitched on it... This is for sale for 5.00 and is size 2T. Posted by Hello

Santa banner says "we believe in santa" Posted by Hello

This bib was done for a special little angel. Posted by Hello

mouse ornament for a special little boy for christmas. Posted by Hello

This is a page I made up from the little angel that received her special T-Shirt. I was allowed to see the smile on the face of a very happy little girl. Posted by Hello

This was a special T-Shirt stitched for a special little girl. Her parents were having finacial problems and were going to have to cancel her birthday party. Posted by Hello

This was made for a quilt in progress for a friend. Posted by Hello

Angel ornament Posted by Hello

This was done to thank our local food bank for the help we received. The frame was plush. Posted by Hello

Lavendar and Lace 1987 free angel(pink color scheme) Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lavendar & Lace 1987 Free angel (gold color scheme) Posted by Hello

This was a piece that was done to complete a Christmas auction. I offered to stitch a piece for the winner of my entry to the Christmas auction to provide christmas gifts for a group and its families. This was the piece that the winner of the auction requested to be stitched. Posted by Hello

This is called In the arms of an angel by Lavender and Lace. This is an important piece for me. As it was my first big piece, but also it was being stitched on while visiting my father in the hospital. He passed away and I then finished it.. Posted by Hello

This was for my mom. Posted by Hello

This was done for my sister and made into a pillow. Posted by Hello

This was done as a Christmas surprise for stitching friends daughter. She had been given a quilt that was stitched by her mom and lost it in the Florida hurricanes. We wanted to return the favor to her mom by stitching a quilt and giving it to her for Christmas to replace the lost one. Posted by Hello

Christmas ornament for exchange. Posted by Hello

This was done for my son's friend's new little sister. Posted by Hello

This is a little pillow I made using a pattern from ANGEL PILLOWS PROJECT. Creater Sandy Riggs. Posted by Hello

This angel was done for my sons teacher for going over and beyond the call of duty. Posted by Hello

This is a quilt square from an exchange. This one is for Wendy. Posted by Hello