Monday, July 07, 2008

UFO's (bowing head in shame)

Upon reading cross stitch blog after blog... trying to be inspired to stitch.
Well some of the wonderful ladies blogs, I read that they were trying to get some of their UFO's finally finished so they can not feel guilty to start something new.

Upon going through my stash to write down and take pictures of my own UFO's to try to get myself to take responsiblitly for not finishing them.

So a dear friend of mine, Janice and myself are making a pact together to stitch UFO's and try to get them done before buying/starting anything new.
My goal is to get 15 done not in any particular order.

This is my list..... (shamefully I find that some of these are less then 100 stitches)


1. Old Rugged Cross by Vera K
2. Chuck by Golden Angel’s Heavenly Designs (very bad... my own design)
3. Bucilla (mini) -Friendly Enemies by Bessie Pease Gutmann
4. Bucilla - Young Girl on Beach
5. Bucilla - Christ at 33 by Linda Gillum
6. Candamar - Seasons for the Heart (treasure tree)
7. Creative Accents (Dimensions) - Dolphin Family by Sherry Venison
8. Cross stitch crazy - freebie kit – tigger DONE
9. Designs for the needle - Wolf family
10. Dimensions -Noah and the animals by Barbara Mock
11. Dimensions - A blessing from above (perforated plastic)
12. Dimensions - Grandchildren Rememberance by Betty Whiteaker
13. Dimensions - Angelic Ornaments (perforated plastic) by Ruth J. & Bill D. Morehead
14. Gloria and Pat - God sent special things our way
15. Golden Bee(candamar) - Oriental peonies
16. Golden Bee(candamar) - Carousel horse
17. Golden Bee(candamar) - Lady Mime
18. Janlynn - Girl with cosmos by Nancy Cole
19. Janlynn - Wolves by Stoney Creek
20. Janlynn - Pray without ceasing by Heartsteps
21. Janlynn - Heavenly Messenger stocking by Roger W. Reinardy
22. Janlynn - Collecting shells by Nancy Cole
23. Janlynn - Susy zoo ornaments
24. Lizzie Kate - Winter, Spring , Autumn, summer samplers (doing all together)
25. Lizzie Kate - You have stolen my heart DONE
26. Leisure arts - So Girly – Meet the Girls (making 16 squares)
27. Mirabila - Millennium Angel
28. NMI (needlemagic) - Dove (ornament)
29. NMI (needlemagic) -Hummingbird (stitch n hang) DONE
30. Pegasus Originals -Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell
31. Sandy Riggs -Sleeping Baby Angel DONE
32. Stoney Creek - Harmony by Bessie Pease Gutmann
33. (my own afghan with different squares)

1. Bucilla -holiday accent banners
2. Dimensions - southwest mesa
3. Dimensions - Sunset - Calla Lilies
4. Eva Rosentand -- 13-259 Mini bellpull :Riding 2
5. Gayles gallery - air force academy emblem
6. Graphic arts - Country Collections #3 - The Hoosier Cabinet by Lynn Waters Busa
7. Leisure arts (astor place) - quilt santa (perforated plastic)
8. Needle magic - Stitch in frame - Bathtime
9. Something special (Candamar) - spring flowers placemats

The following are not cross stitch……
1. STAMPED CROSS STITCH----Bucilla--- once upon a time
2. EMBROIDERY ---- Needle and hoops ---- marriage vows sampler
3. EMBELLISHMENT---- Candamar---- heavenly messenger
4. EMBELLISHMENT---- Candamar----Thomas Kinkade---- Lamplight Brooke
5. NEEDLEPOINT----Dimensions----Angel of serenity stocking

So I have a big road ahead but I know I can do it....
Please if you feel lead to please offer me your comments of good wishes to make my goal.


Janice said...

WOOHOO!! You go girl!!! I'll make you a deal... I'll snail-mail you a prize when you finish 15! lol Gotta go make my list now....HUGS!!!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Why don't you pick one of your small UFO that you have started and start stitching one of those and than you will have one done in no time and you will feel like you have accomplished something.

Take care & Happy Stitching....

Bette said...

I've made the same resolution, Dawn. I just haven't had the nerve to list all of my projects in my blog. I'll be cheering you on from here in GlendalE!

Skye said...


We all have UFO's, so you are not alone in this challenge....Your work is wonderful and any UFO's that you complete will certainly catch the eye of all of us who have our's tucked quietly away...I'm with you in support all the way!! hugs, Skye

crossstitchbibs said...

You go Girl!!!! I have so many UFO's and WIP's but I don't have a blog so I can't list them. Maybe that's a good thing - lol.

I have a birth announcement that I have been working on since September but I have lost enthusiasm on working on it and I must get it finished. The baby was born in November. I have been doing everything to avoid working on it and I love to cross stitch but I cannot work on any other cross stitch until this is done.

Sometimes I will work on one project for a week and then work on another and then I don't get tired of working on the same thing. I think I have learned my lesson and will not start another big project only less it is for myself and I can take years to complete it - lol

Janet - crossstitchbibs

PamelaJ said...

Dawn, I am supporting you all the way can't wait to see WIP photos and then of course the finished project.

Anonymous said...

W2G Dawn! I'd be happy just to be organized enough to list all mine. Amazing how they accumulate, isn't it? I thought perhaps that mine were mating in the closet! Ha ha! I know you'll do well in this challenge. I'm sure you will! And take care of that ankle!
Hugs, Barb aka omashee

Terri said...

So which is the one you MOST want to finish?

Barbara said...

You can do it Dawn!!! I do know the feeling - and it can get overwelming sometimes. We just have to stick to our guns and grab onto that needle(s) and go, go, go!

Keep us posted on your progress.


Anonymous said...

You can do it. I've been thinking of getting all my UFOs and WIPs together just to see how many I've got going, but haven't found the nerve yet. LOL

Carolyn said...

What a great resolution! Good luck with all the UFO's.

Mary said...

Wow, what an impressive list of UFO's. I wish you lots of luck. I know you can do it! I don't dare look at all the unseen UFO's I have around. I know I have at least 5 UFO's sort of in view... or at least in bags that are in sight.

Happy Stitching!

Bliss said...

Doing a round of finishing is a great idea. I tend to start a list of projects all within a few months, then stitch, stitch, stitch them (one after the other) for the next two years. I've just done what you are doing and got in and finished 5 UFOs which had been languishing for up to 5 years. It felt oh so good!