Monday, July 14, 2008

Very Depressed today

I went to the dr today with high hopes of getting rid of this cast.
I was given the opportunity to put on a removable leg brace to give me a little more freedom... like taking a shower or a bath unrestrained.
Well, I called the orthopedic supply place to find out about the brace and my insurance would not pay for it. They expected me to fork over 125-600 dollars out of my own pocket for it.
I was devastated because that meant I had to go back into a cast again.
Then the dr also requested me back in 2-3 weeks to relook at it and finalize my care.
Well, come to find out the dr will not be back in the office for 4 weeks.
So I am stuck in this cast that is more uncomfortable then the last one for another month.
Which means, that the day my 4 kids go back to school and that is supposed to be my first day back at the elementary school (should I go back) is the very day I get my cast off.
So my entire summer break will in this dumb cast....... WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda K's Creativity Works said...


Why don't you try to get your mind off of your cast and your ankle and just stitch - that is what help me get through my casts days when I had both of my arms in a cast two months apart mind you and that was not fun but I stitched to help me get through my days with the casts.

You are not allowed to get depressed will get through this...just hang in there and STITCH.

Take care

Mary said...

Sorry to hear you couldn't get the removable cast. It's a bummer you have to keep the cast on longer than the 2-3 weeks. I hope the time will quickly for you so it doesn't seem like that long.

Bette said...

Just keep working on your UFO's and the time will be over before you know it. It certainly can't be easy wearing it during a Phoenix summer. Will be praying for you!

Janice said...

Dawn, I am sorry you have to keep the hard cast for another month. The time will go by quickly because you will be getting all your UFO's finished!!
Keeping you in my prayers!

Sonda in OR said...

Hope the summer goes quickly for you! Stay cool and keep stitching!