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6/10/2008 - PV Students Participate in Solar Car Races
Story provided by students Aleishia L. (my daughter) and Angela L.

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In April, Palo Verde science teacher Luciano Valdes and the Science Club went on their annual trip to Tucson for solar car competitions and the celebration of Earth Day.

The challenge was to build a car that was aerodynamic and had minimal weight, without affecting the balance of the vehicle. The students built model solar cars that convert the sun's rays into electrical energy. The motor operation came from the electrical energy produced by two volts of generated electricity. It took a lot of perseverance and energy to get the cars done, but we got the cars done with time to test and perfect them. Nine teams from our school competed.

We were off to a rough start. Cars breaking and the sun hiding behind the clouds caused us some stress. With a few adjustments, we pulled through. We started having winners and second place finishers. Almost everyone made it to the fourth round. I, Aleishia, am proud to report that my group (Angela L., Armando G. and me) took third place. We also took first place in the design award. Above all everyone had a great time.

During the day we got a chance to celebrate Earth Day. There was a parade, music, dancers and many events, but the greatest enjoyment was the challenge of the race and returning home a winner.

Adiam Y., Science Club president, says it was a great experience and encourages all seventh graders to sign up for Science Club next year.

Vice President Brianne M. said, "It was a fun activity. We learned how the sun provides energy and electrical power. It was really cool that we participated in the solar car races in Tucson, Arizona. The day we went it was Earth Day; while we were there they had an earth day parade it was awesome."

Mr. Valdes would like to thank all the members that participated in this event. "Your hard work and dedication was the outcome of its great success. You are all winners," Mr. Valdes said.

Aleishia L, Angela L. and Armando G. show off their prize-winning car.

The Palo Verde solar car participants and their teacher Luciano Valdes (center).

Kenya A. shows off her fancy race car.

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That is very cool. Congrats to the kids! It is nice to see good kids who are using their brains instead of wasting them on TV