Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Phoenix Snow (HAIL)

Well yesterday it started to rain and the news was predicting bad storms.

Well.... it started to rain and I made the mistake of doing what I always do...
I say out loud come on rain lay it on me.
Pour down on me PLEASE!!!!! (we do not get rain often so it usually does not work.)

Well.... I had to bite my tongue because I got a little more than I expected.... HAIL!
We had 2 massive storms in less than 3 1/2 to 4 hours.
The first storm lasted about an hour and power was out for a little while.
It pelted us hard and was exciting to watch. Cat was scared to death.

Can you see the elephant in these storm clouds?The second storm lasted about 30 mins I think.
It did cause damage around the neighborhood.We in Phoenix rarely see bad storms.
It broke skylights, dented vehicles, broke windshields, power was out for hours.
I had to go out in this one when the hail let up just enough so that I could go out and move the van to the covered part of the driveway. (being that I just got my license this past February.. I did real well. Being that I have never driven on ice... I got so proud of myself saying I have driven on ice and did not have issues. LOL)
Unfortunately it was not moved before damage occurred. The hood of the van looks like a golf ball as the indentions are big.

It had huge hail ... I have never seen them this big. Two pigeons lost their lives in the storm. (One in this pic... along with the ice I had to drive on)


SoCal Debbie said...

Wow! Great pictures! It's been cloudy here in Southern California for days, but no stormy weather at my house yet!

chrisstitches said...

How devastating! Animals don't like that weather either. Big hail!

Cynthia said...

Wow that's crazy weather. We are having storms here too in So Cal. Love it!!

Mary said...

Wow. That's really amazing. The poor birds. I hope other animals could find some shelter from the storm. We get hail on occassion in the town I live but not like that. I have seen some towns north of Boston have major hail like that especially this year.

Great pictures!

Mary said...

Oh and congrats on your driving on the ice. It can be quite tricky. Having it all bumpy must be even more tricky.

Jules said...

AZ is probably one of the most interesting states weather-wise. I lived in Flagstaff for almost 3 years. Being 7000 +/- feet above sea-level, she gets her fair share of snow in the winter. BUT, just drive about 30 miles south and it's as if winter is not even there. I loved Flagstaff!

Carolyn NC said...


DJ said...

Way to go,you brave soul, driving on that ice! I can only imagine what it was like during those storms. I'm glad that you are safe, the news stories show some pretty hefty damage to some areas. I miss Arizona (my one and only son was born there) *Hugs*

Felicity said...

Gracious me! We get hail like that in Australia, too. One year in May, we had 12 inches of it in about an hour. Not fun, huh? Stay safe and dry!