Monday, October 11, 2010


I was reading Ma Teakettle's post on labels.... I felt compelled to share a poem I wrote years ago regarding my nickname I was given back on 1987 or 1988.

They Called Her Golden Angel

The name everyone called her was Golden Angel.
There were years that went by that she could not understand why.

She asked them to explain....
Some said it is because you're sweet and others said because you're a giving and loving person.
Still she kept receiving different answers but they were all basically telling her the same thing.

That she was an Angel with a heart of Gold.
Always caring about others and trying to make everyone happy.

By being the sweet, caring, loving, generous, and very intelligent person that she was.
I guess her nickname does fit her.

But she still had one other question.

Why does everyone think that she needed to be protected from everything that is in the world?
She is not as gull-able or even as EASY as some have assumed.

Although, through all her life there is one thing she has forgotten...

She has forgotten to give herself some of the love, and just some understanding and gifts that she needs for herself. That she has been giving all of her life to others.

She has forgotten to be that angel to the most important of all people


© 1998
Dawn Wright

So with this post it also explains the subtitle on my page.
Thank you Ma Kettle for the wonderful post!


EvalinaMaria said...

What a lovely poem, thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing this poem and it is like you. Hugs! Mary