Monday, February 06, 2012

My new craft room

I decided to take some pics of my new craft room.

I just love the relaxing green(that is the color) walls. LOL

 This is the closet with closed curtains.
This is the closet with curtains open.

It still has a few things to be done on the bookshelves so those cannot be used yet. These are my bookshelves that hubby is making built in... they need to be foam sealed to the walls and then the walls behind the shelves painted.

This is my desk/table.. It is going to be given one more set of the drawers on the left.

This is the bed in the room for those times that I snore a little too loud or just cannot get myself to go to bed at times I want to put that last stitch in. LOL Picture on left shows both curtains totally closed. Picture on right shows the great ceiling fan and also shows one set of the curtains closed.

Well this is the tour of my new craft room that hubby is putting together for our Wedding Anniversary which is TOMORROW! (9 years and still going) LOL


T.J. said...

Looks so comfy. You're going to love crafting in there.

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I love your new layout on your Blog. That is so pretty.

I love your new Craft/Sewing room that John is making for you...what a talented Husband you have. You are so lucky to have somebody like him.

Congratulations on your finish too...

TammyK said...

Craft room looks great! Happy anniversary Dawn :-)

CalamityJr said...

What a lovely craft room/retreat. Happy Anniversary!

Elena said...

You have a very pretty room. Congrats!

Shelleen said...

Pretty room and Happy Anniversary.

Bette said...

Nice new digs! Congratulations on the wedding anniversary.