Friday, February 24, 2012

A mixed feeling...

Today I have very mixed feelings... My niece turned 18 today.

Usually when a child turns 18 everyone is happy and celebrating.
Myself, I find myself with mixed feelings of happiness, sadness and my heart yearning to see her.

You see this beautiful young lady that has become an adult today, has been kept from my family for almost 13 years.

My daughters were so close to her that they considered her more of a sister than a cousin.
We went from seeing her every week for 3-4 days straight with her.
To not seeing her nor knowing if she was still alive and safe.

My older daughter would continually ask me if I though she was OK or even still alive.  She would write in her school work how much she loved her and missed her so very much. She would also write about how worried she was because her cousin had just dropped off the face of the earth.

All I could tell her was that "I am sure that God has her in His hands and is taking good care of her for us. There will be a day we will be able to see her again soon."

She was a big part of our heart. We love and miss her dearly.

This was the last time we saw her.

This is a picture that I was able to see online of her.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
I love you and miss you so very much!
I hope that someday we can all be reunited!
Love, Auntie Dawn


Lyn said...

I am so sorry to hear that you and you niece have not seen each other in such a long time. I understand the yearning feeling. You are right, you will one day be reunited, but it will be in God's timing.

TammyK said...

I can feel the pain in your post. (((Hugs))) Dawn.

Shelleen said...

So sad and maybe now that she is an adult that she can search for you.

KaLu - Claudia said...

=( hopefully shes able to read this post and so she knows how much you love and miss her ((hugs))