Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My first photo's of my new piece

Here is the first photo's of Touching the Autumn Sky by Mirabilia.

I hope to get more done on this one. 

I am really excited to see it grow.

It is also my piece for Becky in SC's SAL.


T.J. said...

It looks great!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your new start is lovely.

Veronica said...

Wonderful new start. Your fabric is absolutely perfect for this design.


TammyK said...

Looking great :-). Love the fabric choice.

Skye said...

It's going to be gorgeous!! Thanks for offering to help me with my blog..I'm having issues on how to make it wider..I know I'm missing something but just can't figure it out..Enjoyed viewing your blog once again..Been out of the loop for so long it's nice seeing all my friends once again..Great job, looking forward to seeing it's updates and congrats on your craft room..hugs,Skye

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Oh my...she is looking beautiful dearly love the material that you are doing her on....what kind and what size of material is that?

Kelly Smith said...

Looks great, love the fabric!

KaLu - Claudia said...

love love love the sparkly fabric !! =D

great progress I think im ready to work on mine again lol