Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Angel Wings of Hope © 2012
Ok.... I have been having quite a few orders for my charms and I am so thrilled.

I opened myself a poll on fb for my friends to help me name the charms.
Looking forward to seeing the results... If you are a friend of mine on fb please vote. 

I was also contacted about having my charms included in a charity function in November which is exciting. 

I made this charm for my mom.... 

I am also excited about some other possible happenings which for now I will just ask for a private prayer that this will work out.

I have a couple finishes... One for me and one that is waiting to be finished just right for a special little girl.

This is my bible cover finish #4 for the year.

This is Hello Kitty for a HUGE Hello Kitty Fan!
She is only 4 years old and has every Hello Kitty you can imagine... except this one. Finish #5 for the year.

I am going to attach it to one of the boxes below with her name stitched on the box.
Wish I could see her face when she gets it... maybe her dad will take a pic for me.

I work at Macy's and they were throwing these gift boxes away. I got permission to bring them home so I could use them for finishing my stitching off... Isn't that cool!


Jules said...

Congrats on the success you're having with those cute charms!!

I love your Bible cover too!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I just love your Charms and your Jewelry...those are sure beautiful.

I love your Bible Cover ...that is so

You do such lovely work...your stitching, your Jewelry

Keeping you in my prayers...

Veronica said...

Your charms are lovely indeed. Love the Bible cover finish. Oh, that little girl is gonna be so thrilled with your Hello Kitty. Those gift boxes would definitely make wonderful finishes.


TammyK said...

Congrats on the finishes :-). They look great!

Margie said...

Very cool about the boxes you were able to get! :) And I just love that Hello Kitty! Congrats on the Angel Wings of Hope charms! They are awesome! :)