Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's that time again!!!

Time for my birthday wish not for myself, but for others. (since the attack this has been a yearly request.).

That always seems so well needed and not meant to offend anyone in any way..

My birthday (for those that do not know I was born on 9-11) request is:
Say hi or I am happy to see you or even say a prayer or send good thoughts for someone you do not know.

I know that this request I made after 9-11, it has really blessed a lot of people for those that fulfilled the birthday wish.

I have had so much happen around my birthday that I can't help, but try to really help out those around me not necessarily financially but emotionally.  (Terrorist attack 9-11-01 and father passed 9-06-04 and then Katrina hit 8-28-05)

So let's just pull together with love, understanding, compassion and faith that all will work out.

Thanks to those that feel the desire to fulfill my birthday wish!


mdgtjulie said...

LOL, I do that all the time. I say hello, and smile at people. Usually they say hello back, at least. Sometimes I get a how are you, but not often. I'll be happy to do this for you especially!!

Bette said...

What a lovely wish for your birthday! I'll make an extra effort this year.