Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Premios Dardos blog award!

Kris has awarded me the Premios Dardos blog award. Thank you Kris!

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.

Step 1: respond and rework -- answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

Step 2: tag - eight other bloggers to do the same.

1) What are you wearing right now? Yellow Eeyore Pajamas.

2) What is your biggest fear? Losing my children

3) What was the name of your favorite pet?
I have 2.... ***Brownie, was a puppy, I had saved and he had a heart of gold. (my father hated him because he would not listen to anyone but me.)
***Cochise was a puppy, that I was there when he was born and I forced the mother to have. (within a year he died in my arms from a spider bite to the throat.)

4) Who is the last person you hugged? My children as I was putting them to bed.

5) What websites to you visit when you go online? Blogger, myspace, multiply. Unless I am looking for something.

6) What was the last item you bought? Mc Donald's mc double. (hey I was hungry when I went to go get some cat food)

7) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would love to visit Scotland.
But I would love to go back to Montana to live. I dread the cold (Az born, raised and raising) but I left my heart there in God's country.

8) If you could go to the Oscars, who would you want to sit next to? Clint Eastwood, He reminds me of my dad.

9) Who has inspired you the most in your life? My mom.

10)What is/was your favorite thing about being pregnant?
I loved the feel of having a growing little angel inside me, feeling so spiritually connected and feeling the movements. Least favorite? nausea and back issues.

11) What was the last movie you watched? Bedtime stories.

12) What is the luckiest thing that ever happened to you?
To me the luckiest thing is to have my wonderful children.
I can be honest and say that I risked my life to have each one of the 3 out of 4 children I have. (#4 is step but he is mine just the same)

13) If you had a whole day to yourself with no work, commitments or interruptions what would you do? --Cross Stitch till my heart is content.

14) Is there a major goal you have that you haven't yet achieved?
My major goal is to someday be self employed and see my children married and living out their dreams.

15) Drinks are on the house!! sorry no alcohol here.

16) What is something that those in blogland might not know about you?
I was my own abuser's caretaker during the last 2 years of his life and was in the hospital room helping the nurses with him. I watched him pass and it not only brought peace to my heart knowing he was no longer in pain there was also peace from the fear of death. Although it also brought a sense of deep grief knowing he was gone.

17.) What is the best vacation you ever went on?
My one and only Vacation as an adult that I went on was my absolute favorite.
We went to Montana (God's country) and I loved every minute of it.

18.) If you could have one wish... what would it be and why? To have everyone know peace and love..... I believe if everyone knew peace and love that their would be a little less killing in this world. (call me a dreamer if you must)

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Riet said...

Good for you. You deserve it

Lana said...

I'm with Riet~ you do deserve it! =)

ps...yellow Eeyore pajamas?! I love it!!! LOL! Eeyore is the best! I collect all things Eeyore,infact, as I write this I am drinking out of a yellow Eeyore coffee mug! Your pajamas would totally match my mug! lol!

Tammy said...

((HUGS)) to you for #16.......great list! And I agree wth the last one-so true. :)

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on all the awards - nice info you shared. :)

Velda said...

You're a sweetheart...thank you :)

CindyMae said...

Congrats on the award!!!!!

Stacy said...

I followed a link from another blog about the DDD funding cuts in Arizona. I'm a DSI who's been fighting the good fight, and I'm trying to create a list of other bloggers who would be directly affected by these cuts.