Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here is a look at the pillow unstuffed. Horray! You can see the sparkle of life that is in the piece. I had to reupload due to the fact that the wrong year of passing was stitched. Now it shows the correct date. Posted by Picasa


Mary said...

The stitching and pillow came out great. What a nice thing you did with stitching this for someone.
It's absolutely perfect!
Thanks for sharing!

Butterflymom said...

Tears here...This is just too beautiful. My friend Dawn. I can tell you that our Justin is smiling down from heaven...knowing the Joy Peace and Love that went into His Pillow. It is coming at such a perfect time...March 5th will be his 5th Anniversary for a child forever 5. Sighhhhh I am anxiously awaiting the mail. Beautiful and Cherished forever! Thanks seems so small a word, but know the appreciation is there! Hugs Butterflymom

Butterflymom said...

My Pillow arrived and just when I needed to hug something that would remind me of Justin. It is beyond words how beautiful it is...I can only say thanks for such a master- piece. Along with the Pillow came a beautiful page written for me with Justin's name at the bottom. Tears...many tears, BUT with a smile. HUGS Butterflymom

Barbara said...

That is absolutely perfect, it just sums up a little boy sitting in the hand of God. Well done for finding a pattern so perfect for the project. Beautifully stitched as well.