Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Birthday Wish!

It is that time again everyone. 

Time for my birthday wish not for myself but for others.
I did this for my birthday when 9-11 and has become a yearly request.

That always seems so well needed.

This is not meant to offend anyone in any way..

My birthday (for those that do not know I was born on 9-11) request is:
Say hi or I am happy to see you or even say a prayer or send good thoughts
for someone you do not know.

I know that this request I made after 9-11.

It has really blessed a lot of people for those that fulfilled the birthday

I have had so much happen around my birthday that I can't help, 

but try to really help out those around me not necessarily financially but
(Terrorist attack 9-11-01 and father passed 9-06-04 and then Katrina hit

So let's just pull together with love, understanding, compassion and faith
that all will work out.

Thanks to those that feel the desire to fulfill my birthday wish!

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Mary Cavalier said...

Happy birthday. I said Hi to several strangers this evening while at the grocery store.