Sunday, August 25, 2013

Excited at the news

I am excited at the news that my new grandson decided that he wanted to enter the world Saturday.
So far the excitement really has not hit home hard since he is so far away.
I am a grandmother 3 times over and am not able to see them. So the joys most feel about being a grandparent and all the other things that go with being a grandparent I am not able to experience.

I am hoping some day to be reunited with my first TRISTEN!
He stole my heart years ago and to have him torn from me has been very hard.
I was then told my son married a young lady with a son so I was given another grandson ALEX that I have never met. Then with the events of Saturday I became a grandma again to SHILO!

Hoping that some day soon I will be able to meet ALEX and SHILO!

Here are two pics... the first is the last time I saw TRISTEN(16mos) and the second one is ALEX on the tricycle he got for his 2nd birthday.

Tristen and Alex are 5 mos apart in age.
Which is ironic to me since Jonathon my stepson is 4 months older than my daughter Aleishia.



CalamityJr said...

They're beautiful children! I'll say a prayer that you're able to see Tristen again and that you can see the others soon.

Annie said...

Congratulations! Grandchildren are the best.