Monday, May 28, 2012

Nordic Needle is looking for you!!!

Ever wanted to share your stitching? Be recognized for your beautiful artwork/talent.
Nordic Needle has posted this in their newsletter:

Stitchers are shy....or so they seem to be when it comes to sharing their stitching stories. I have sent out many questionnaires but have no one to feature this week! So, if you want these Stitching Stories to continue, please help me out by letting me feature YOU. Just write to me and ask for the Featured Stitcher questionnaire. Thank you! If you have sent me your completed questionnaire and haven't been featured, then something went wrong and it went missing so please re-send it to me so I can feature you!

I have been featured in their newsletter and loved the recognition that came from it. Here is my recognition!


mdgtjulie said...

Cool, and thanks for the info.

Lyn said...

Went ahead and e-mailed asking for a questionnaire.