Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My silly idea

One of my blogger friends, Kristy had posted how to darn socks. Click here!
I took that idea and had darned one of hubby's sock heels.... still waiting to see what he thinks after wearing it.

Well one of my favorite sweatpants got a couple holes in the butt near the center seam. LOL

So I decided to use that darning method.
I cut a little of the area to make darning it in a heart shape easier.
I think I did a good job....
What do you think?????


Linda Klinedinst said...

It looks really good Dawn...a very good job....

Anonymous said...

WOW, Dawn, what a GREAT idea! Love it!

Hopefully hubby won't mind the heart so much since it's on the heel of his sock.

I might use your idea next time I need a sock darned. It's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy---sorry for the misunderstanding, I dunno how I missed that. Now I love the heart even more! :D

Debby said...

That's so cute!!!