Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wanted to share some beauties

I recently learned to do a granny square and decided to make a couple of things.
My first and second crochet blanket finish for the year.  The hats are done with the knifty knitter looms.

Here is my first blanket and hat set.

Here is my second blanket and hat set... this blanket is 50"x50".

I really love the green set a WHOLE lot. Then again I really love green. LOL


chrisstitches said...

very the colors

Tracey said...

Great job! I love the colour of the first one :^)
For some reason I seem to be drawn to purple lately!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so impressed. I've learned to knit. Don't know crochet yet. However I am intrigued.

TammyK said...

They look great :) I tried that a few years ago & never could get the hang of it. Think I have 2 left hands.

Rebecca said...

Loved visiting Arizona again. What awesome country...the landscape is truly beautiful!

Love your knitting. I can't do it! :( NO TALENT THERE!


Mary said...

Great job Dawn!

~Niki~ said...

just found your blog! :) now I'm gonna keep comin back. I suffer from PTSD as well. Makes days very long.

Meari said...

Very pretty!