Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ashley despirately needs our prayers

This beautiful little girl going through severe transplant rejection needs our prayers.
Pray for comfort, her body hurts so very much.
Pray for healing, if her bowel does not heal she will not live long.
Pray for access, she is out of strong veins in which she can be supported and receive treatments. Without access we will lose her.
Pray for her spirit to not be lost but to return with all its joy and twinkle. I miss her smile and laughter so much.
Pray for her in anyway you can think of. Just allow God to move in your hearts on Ashley Kate's behalf even when there are no words to say.

Prayers for mom and dad to have continued faith, strength and hope that God is in control and all will be ok.

To read her story go to her blog.


Rebecca said...

Prayers going up for this beautiful little Angel Girl...

Thank you for visiting me today my friend. Over the years I, too, have seen tough times reappear. I always wonder if I'm suppose to be learning something new the 2nd (3rd, 4th, 5th) time around... I'm still not sure.

Thinking of you and hoping, trusting for better days for our nation.

Love to you this beautiful Sunday~


sharona said...

My prayers are with the precious little girl why God does this is not for us to know but just to TRUST in HIM. Also with all concerned with her.
hugs Sharon