Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asking for Prayers and update

For those that have been reading my blog.
You know that my sister has been trying to get a house. (CLICK for previous post)

Well she had put in an offer on a house she really wanted and was outbid.
I have just learned that that very house.... the people that outbid her their offer has fallen through and she has re-put in her bid for that house today.

Please pray that God will help her get this house... after all this house seemed to pop out of the woodwork in the first place. Now she gets another chance to hopefully get it!


Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Prayers being said...sounds like it's ment to be...

Carolyn NC said...

Hope it all goes through - keep us posted.

Micki said...

Many prayers sent to your sister. I hope that she gets the house. How wonderful that would be!