Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award... WOW

I am so shocked...
I received this award not from one, not from two but four very special bloggers. They are Cynthia, Karen, Bette and Barb!

THANK YOU Ladies so much!
It's great to know so many of you enjoy reading my blog.
I just love the comments I've gotten on all of my posts. I know that not everyone will appreciate every post but I pray that everyone will find something they like here and keep coming back.

The rules are simple:

1) Accept the award.
2) Thank the person who gave you the award.
3) Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
4) Put the award on your blog.
5) Write 10 things about yourself others might not know about you.
6) Pass the award on to 10 others.

10 Special things about Me:

1) I still have my home ec.(sewing class) project from high school and even though I have gained alot of weight since then it still fits.

2) My hubby and I have know each other for 20+ years but only married for 7.

3) I haven't had a dog since 1992 and I want one so badly.

4) I have been pregnant 7 times but only 3 live births.

5) My oldest daughter is a pole vaulter and has hit the 6 feet mark at the track meet last week.

6) I am a meat and potatoes kinda girl.... with a strong urge for cheese enchiladas and tamales.

7) Love learning new stitching techniques and trying new things.

8) The name Golden Angel was given to me back in 1987 by a friend of a friend. That person told my friend that when he looked at me he saw a golden glow around me. Since this time the name has stuck and is known by alot of people.

9) Dad taught me to do embroidery and tried to teach me to crochet. (he was awesome crochet-er)

10) My grandmother (Native American decent) has called me "Little Golden Hair" since I was little and also calls me "Her Golden Angel" to match the angel in golden clothes on top of her entertainment stand.

And now 10 lucky people:
I found this very hard to name anyone since most of the wonderful ladies that I would nominate have already received this award or they do not want awards.
So if you all do not mind....
I will say to all my visitors that this award is dedicated to you.
If you have not gotten this award yet please take it.


Tracey said...

I've nominated you for another award! Please stop by my blog to check it out! :)

Meari said...

I still have my home ec project, too. Mine was a jean tote bag. :)

Katrien said...

congrats on your awards

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats, Dawn - much deserved!