Friday, April 25, 2008

My first cross stitch finish of 2008 - Angel Tote

This is an angel tote that I stitched.... I am very proud of it.

I searched and searched for the perfect saying for it....

I think I chose a great saying.

This is my oldest daughter modeling the tote bag.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update to my WOW moment

Today is April 14th.
I called the lady today after school (I work at an elementary school) to find out what was going on regarding that job.
She said the lady had chosen two other ladies and one had the nerve not to show up for work today. I said WHAT that is not good….
She said the lady did not want to be sent anymore resumes but she is going to send mine anyway.
So about 15 mins later she calls me back…. The lady wants an interview tomorrow…
I said what time… You give me a time she says…. I said how about 9:00 Tuesday morning….
I then ask will they want me to start the same day as the interview?
She said yes … I said I do not think I can do that I have to let my current employer know what is going on.
She said how about tomorrow? (Wednesday) I said reluctantly I think so.
So she hangs up and calls me 10 mins later and says you have a 9:00 interview Tuesday morning and will start if hired Wednesday.
I am so full of mixed emotions and in my heart and mind I feel I need to give my current boss my services at least for the rest of the week.
So I will be telling the lady at the interview that I would really love to take this job because for me it is an answer to a prayer but I would not feel comfortable leaving my current employer without giving them some kind of advance notice just as I would give them the same courtesy.
So God willing I will be coming home with a new job that is willing to wait for me to start on Monday morning unless my current employer is ok with me leaving earlier.
Please say lots of prayers that this job is what God wants me to have and that everything works out at the interview…… I am soooooooooooooooo

Today is April 15, 2008
I went for my interview and the lady asked me if I was told that the job she was hiring for a temporary.
I told her no I was told she was hiring a temp to perm.
She said she already hired for that position… she said she has a lady starting at the end of the month and just needed a temp to keep things moving….
I told her that I was going to let her know that I could not start immediately that I would have to let my current employer know what is going on and give them notice.
She said that she would never tell someone they had to leave a current employer to come to work for her without giving them notice.

She then told me to contact her after the last day of school and see if she has a position avail….

I then called the lady that set the interview up and let her know what was going on… she said she knew and that I was to call her near the end of the school year and then I would have a job.

So it looks like I just may have a job after schools out….. Praying it works out.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My WOW moment journal entry....

Today is Thurs. April, 10th
I need your positive thoughts and prayers right now…. I am shaking to the point of nausea. I have been so worried about hubby's health (extreme depression, strokes, losing strength in limbs, extreme headaches, losing his sight), his job situation (so stressful it is causing health issues already mentioned) and worrying about being able to keep the house should either of the two are lost…

I finally decided I was going to let God take control of the situation and not worry or think about it…. (harder than I thought but doing good so far)

Hubby said he was taking all personal items home and getting ready to resign. (that made the above even harder to do) Then later that evening… I go and check phone messages…. All of a sudden I hear this lady say….

"I am looking for Dawn ******* (I have not used that last name for over 5 years) we had done a resume search to see about filling a position and your resume fits the criteria. I have a medical records position on 16th street in phx available. It pays 12.00 an hour. Please call me if you are interested so we can discuss this offer."

I am nervous about taking this offer or even trying for it as I have missed so much time at work due to prior health issues I would be afraid it would be a problem. I would also have to do a lot of refreshing my brain on this job….. But it would mean I would be making almost as much as hubby is right now at his job…..

God is working and a little faster and right in my face than I am used to….. So my prayers that I would like to ask of you all is to pray that if this is truly an offer given to me because he is working in our lives….. make it more known to me…..

Please God show me that this is truly from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I should not have said that to God…… because if I was feeling the rush and right in my face feeling before… I had not felt anything yet!!!)

Today is Friday April 11th……
Something told me to return the phone call this morning.
So I called and let them know that they have my previous married name from 5 years ago.

The lady was very nice and told me about the job. (wages 10-12.00 hr DOE, location, name, dress code and all)
She then proceeded to tell me that the job is a temp to hire position that is looking for an immediate interview and immediate start.

We then began to talk some more and she said hmmmm let me check and see if you were the top choice or the alternate person chosen.

She took a deep breath and said nope you were the top pick for this position.

She then proceeded to ask me if I registered with her and I said yes years ago.

She looked at my information and said yes I see that you registered 7 years ago. (7 is my lucky number)

Then as she was looking things over she said hmmmm this is strange I do not seem to have a resume for you…..
I do not even have a letter or anything telling me to call you….. This is very strange why did I call you I do not understand what is going on here…

I said please do not take offense to this but this has got to be the work of God. She said it sure must be. I told her that she would have my resume in her email before the end of the day. (I emailed it as soon as I got home.)

I could not eat lunch today … I would eat a little and feel nausea…. God is doing things so much and so fast that I cannot believe it…. Not complaining just cannot believe all this is happening.

I went to work today and needed to talk to someone about what was happening so I talked to one of the ladies letting her know not to say anything to anyone…. She was standing up when I told her but she almost fell down when I was done…. She could not believe it….. I called my mom to let her know what was going on and she said OH MY I have to sit down….. that is a big WOW moment….

Then I get home to hubby being home early… Yes my first thought was he was either fired or he quit…
He said he took half the day off… I said you mean they actually let you do that…. He said yes. (they never let him leave early without tons of flak and docking of pay)

He said he was sitting at his desk at work and was preparing his resignation letter in advance.
One of the ladies walked in and talked to him telling him he was not allowed to leave the company. (they all know if he leaves the company is destroyed)

She then proceeded to walk out of the office and into hubby's bosses office and had a long talk with him.

They both agreed that something had to be done because if hubby leaves the company will be no more….

His boss then decided to give hubby back the web design position he was hired for. (he had taken that away from him the day before)

Take away the other IT duties some of which that hubby did not know how to do and said they were going to hire someone to do those other duties. (They have told him for at least 2 years that they refuse to hire anyone else)

We are both in a shock and awe moment…… Please keep us in your prayers that the new job and his changes that are occurring at work continue to move forward.