Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update to my WOW moment

Today is April 14th.
I called the lady today after school (I work at an elementary school) to find out what was going on regarding that job.
She said the lady had chosen two other ladies and one had the nerve not to show up for work today. I said WHAT that is not good….
She said the lady did not want to be sent anymore resumes but she is going to send mine anyway.
So about 15 mins later she calls me back…. The lady wants an interview tomorrow…
I said what time… You give me a time she says…. I said how about 9:00 Tuesday morning….
I then ask will they want me to start the same day as the interview?
She said yes … I said I do not think I can do that I have to let my current employer know what is going on.
She said how about tomorrow? (Wednesday) I said reluctantly I think so.
So she hangs up and calls me 10 mins later and says you have a 9:00 interview Tuesday morning and will start if hired Wednesday.
I am so full of mixed emotions and in my heart and mind I feel I need to give my current boss my services at least for the rest of the week.
So I will be telling the lady at the interview that I would really love to take this job because for me it is an answer to a prayer but I would not feel comfortable leaving my current employer without giving them some kind of advance notice just as I would give them the same courtesy.
So God willing I will be coming home with a new job that is willing to wait for me to start on Monday morning unless my current employer is ok with me leaving earlier.
Please say lots of prayers that this job is what God wants me to have and that everything works out at the interview…… I am soooooooooooooooo

Today is April 15, 2008
I went for my interview and the lady asked me if I was told that the job she was hiring for a temporary.
I told her no I was told she was hiring a temp to perm.
She said she already hired for that position… she said she has a lady starting at the end of the month and just needed a temp to keep things moving….
I told her that I was going to let her know that I could not start immediately that I would have to let my current employer know what is going on and give them notice.
She said that she would never tell someone they had to leave a current employer to come to work for her without giving them notice.

She then told me to contact her after the last day of school and see if she has a position avail….

I then called the lady that set the interview up and let her know what was going on… she said she knew and that I was to call her near the end of the school year and then I would have a job.

So it looks like I just may have a job after schools out….. Praying it works out.

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