Friday, November 28, 2008

Well the enabling continues....

Well as you know from a prior post... I was complaining (not really) about Meari's enabling.

Well a co-worker has been down about not having any money for Christmas.
I told her if she wanted to I could teach her to do cross stitch and then she could make some gifts.

So Wednesday, we got off work early and she came over.
I had some 11 count aida, some crafting embroidery thread(mainly keep it for my daughter) and a couple of patterns.
I told her when she got comfortable with the 11 count and decided she wanted to try something smaller (square size) to let me know. lol

She stayed at my home until almost 8pm ... took her stash home and was so excited because she was almost done with a piece she is doing for her grandmother.



Donna said...

Love it, love it. The more enabling we do the more buyers there are for more cross stitch shops and the more we can enable. See, it all has a purpose.

needles-and-quilter-me said...

GOOD for you! To share your time and talent in needlework of any type is wonderful! I have thought of trying to get a group in my town together to stitch..a club of sorts. I hope your generosity towards your coworker will help her to feel better too. Times are tough and we all need to remember to try helping others out. GOOD JOB!

Sharon said...

How wonderful! That can make you feel really good.