Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mr. Frog decided to visit....

I think this time he really wanted to make stitching the wizard difficult.
I have not stitched on this for over a week because of him.

I am the type of person that if there is a mistake I have to take it out.... although, I am recovering from this illness... LOL
Although, this visit from Mr. Frog is showing me that having the must correct all mistakes illness is not necessarily a bad thing.
You see I noticed that I had a mistake and tried to just go around it since it did not look like it would effect the piece.
Boy was I ever wrong. I should have taken and fixed the mistake.

Well it is looking like I can only fix a little part of it and hopes that it will look ok....
I think the original mistake that was made so early on in the piece that if I decided to fix it.....
I might as well start over. THAT IS NOT HAPPENING!!!!

I either correct the small area I am doing now and hope it looks good or I totally give up and throw it away.
Well I think I will do the first part as the latter is not an option.
Hubby would be very upset with me if I did that.

So bear with me as I fight the non-modivation feelings due to Mr. Frog and all his games.
I will try my hardest to get past this and keep going forward.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you will not be throwing your wizard away, that would be a shame. I know you will find a way to work around the mistake or fix what needs to be fixed for it to look right, don't be discouraged. ((((hugs))))

Mary said...

Definitely don't throw out the Wizard. It's too beautiful to do that. Send Mr. Frog packing.

Carolyn said...

Only you would probably even notice any mistake at all on your piece. Don't give up - finish it and keep going. Not much left!

Sonda in OR said...

Bummer!! Hang in Mr. Frog that you can overcome!