Monday, April 11, 2005

My Introduction

Friends call me Golden Angel and when you get to know me you will know why!

I am an Instructional assistant and mother/stepmom of 4 kids under 12.

A hubby that is a diabetic(uncontrolled) and has Von Wilderbrand's Disease(bleeding disorder like hemophilia). We are having trouble finding urine or saliva testers for his sugar since one needle prick takes over an hour to stop bleeding. My kids are -- 12yr old stepson(also has Von Wilderbrand's Disease) , 11yr old daughter, 9 yr old daughter, 6 yr old son (also has Von Wilderbrand's Disease).

I am a Native of Phoenix Arizona... (not many that are born here stay here) I enjoy exploring and learning more about my Native American Ancestors. (Cherokee and Chocataw)I spend most of my time working at the kids school as an instructional assistant, caring for family (health-diabetes, von wilderbrand's disease, allergies, asthma and basic needs), kids schooling (getting homework done and learning) and home.(housework and yardwork)

When I can find time I cross stitch, make cross stitch patterns, am husbands's design consultant for his web design business and lately have been making throw pillows.

I lived for years(since 15yrs old) with what I was told was arthritis but, was told many times that tests were negative for arthritis. I began studying and found my diagnosis on my own .... FIBROMYALGIA.(as we all know we have to have the official dr's diagnosis before it counts... I got the official diagnosis Nov 2003). I also live with scolosis, PTSD (due to emotional/mental and sexual abuse) and also Polycystic Kidney Disease.

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