Wednesday, July 06, 2022

My journey

On May 31st, I left with my dog Keira from Arkansas headed for Arizona. I had my job transfered to Arizona and knew I had 1 options for a place to stay. As I drove, I felt a little nervous but also a little peace. 

I got into Texas to hit a storm that caused a tornado alert to go into affect. I pulled off the interstate and pulled into a truck stop.

The uhaul truck was mostly empty and it rocked back and forth. I was waiting for it to tip over. Keira was scared but I had the most incredible sense of peace that can only be explained by saying it was God's peace. 

When the winds died down I looked up and said God I know that peace was from you and I want more of it please. It felt amazing.

I then got some shut eye before continuing. I was awoke by Keira barking like crazy. I noticed that a bunch of truckers were parked all around me. I had a interesting time trying to back out from the middle of them and continue on our journey.

I reached AZ on the 1st of June and stayed in Flagstaff for the night.

I made it to my daughter's house on the 2nd. Was nice to give her a hug and see my granddaughter who has grown so much.

I then proceeded to find a place to park for the night. I stayed the night in the uhaul in a church parking lot. Temperatures were in the upper 90's.

The 3rd of June, I went to see one of the ladies that I was supposed to be able to saltay with. I thought I would be working watching this wonderful elderly lady who was an aunt to a friend of my mom. I thought I was getting free room and board, Foo and being paid which would have helped me save for my own place. Turns out it was either room and board or being paid. I was also to pay for half of the food. So it did not turn out well. They were afraid to have me there as when the end of the sitting job was over I had no place to go so they did not want to take the chance of having to figure out how to get me to leave like they did one other lady.

I also, checked on my other place to stay. The house was small and being renovated and already had 4 people and two dogs.(dogs did not get along and had to be kept separate) I did not see there being enough room for a 5th person on top of another dog added to the mix. Keira had already been attacked in the past by 2 pit bulls and I did not feel like putting her through that possibility again. So I chose to say my places to live were gone.

I also made some calls to see if there was somewhere we could stay. I found one possibility... a church was willing to let us stay at there facility in the room generally for visiting pastors for a week. They had to get back to me when that would be available.

So again, I was back to sleeping in the uhaul and in the heat at the church. 

June 5th, I was able to staying the church room and I made arrangements to switch from the 15 ft truck that was nearly empty into a van that when loaded was still only half full. I did not realize that the big truck was automatically on tow and needed to turn it off or I wasted gas. I spent 700 on gas when I probably would have only had to spend 350 at most. I was able to leave Keira there and go to work the few days I was given. I would be able to stay at the church until the 13th. While staying at the church I was making calls everywhere to find a place to go on the 13th. I was also applying for full time work as I would not be able to survive and get us a place to stay with a part time job.

I was contacted by CASS. (homeless services) They said that they may be able to get me into a shelter on the 13th but if not they would put me in a hotel for a night and then take me to the shelter.

I was taken to a motel as they were not ready for me on the 13th.

So I an staying at a shelter and on the 24th (hire date noted as 28th) I got myself hired for a full time job at the airport.(pending background check)

I was seen by a doctor. Got appts for well woman, got a referral for a work up on my kidneys, will be also getting mental evaluation done asap and I also got Keira classified as an emotional support dog. Just need to work on getting her registered for ESA.

My first day is tomorrow July 7th!!! (Background check won't be finalized until the 15th) I will continue to work my part time job while I work the airport just to make sure all goes well with the transition to full time. 

Meanwhile, I have to drop Keira off at my daughter's house in order to go to work. 

Well this is all for now.

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